Memoir of the Missing Rib #1

Memoir of the Missing Rib #1

With me becoming at peace with myself I must say I’m in no hurry
That doesn’t mean I don’t worry

Gazing into the sunset
I just let my soul set
No sleep no rest
Gods will my test

Can’t distinguish the difference
Between the competition or the contest but pain is the only reward for second best

No less no stress just continue to press…toward my living sacrifice
I offer them my life on behalf of my destiny keeping whats ever left of me…for me

Nervous I will be alone in life because I feel lonely now

I mean physically the attention of my missing rib is missing
Starting to have the feeling that piece of me was giving as gift and I’m no Indian

So as this journey continues and I pursue Eve who God made from me for me a feminine mirrored image of what a complement should be I trek like a star foreign but not far laying my head when I become weary praying to see things clearly

Then this day comes to end and my mind is at ease I think now I’ve done all this work and I have no one to share this day with this life so I logged the experience retire in my crib logging off…
Memoir of the missing rib


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

3 Responses to Memoir of the Missing Rib #1

  1. Beautiful Disaster says:

    Awesome piece, from an awesome young man. I digs.

  2. Tyeisha Dalton says:

    Wow…. Awesome piece.. We just talked about this….

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