words unsaid

Every just wanted to say something but couldn’t, or didn’t know how. Kind of like you are a prisoner of your own words… yea me too. My remedy to that is to write poems.

If I whisper over my screams the meaning seems mean. But the meanings of my screams never reaches how it seems…

Held tongue intertwines with words unsaid choked on words that can’t be released syllables stumble upon eggshells so I don’t speak

Unclear conscience causes cold sweats then I work up the nerves but the nouns i forget
Adjectives get slain these words like scrabble steady pumping n my veins…
If I don’t let them out they get boggled in my brain paragraphs on my chest sonnets preventing me from rest
If I speak I’m at lowest but quiet is my best

Let the words take the life of me because I can’t seem to speak for the life of me
They don’t hear me so I stay silent
Almost to the point where my silence is violent
Worst then a volcano erupting in verbs full of agony unheard
Expressing emotion makes me softer
So I harbor on my ulcer
Imprisoned by opinions let me not even mention…
Don’t ask about my poetry
Without you wouldn’t notice me
Can’t afford bail so it frees me from your prison
If the cage bird sings maybe one day you’ll listen
Not attention that I seek so in reality I don’t speak

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About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to words unsaid

  1. Beautiful Disaster says:


    You have a gift, you should share it with more than just the Internet world. Can appreciate a man that uses his word play skills for purposes other than creatively finding new ways to disrespect women, and hide it behind a hot beat, and a booming 808. = )

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