Save The Hero

Ever realized that no one really saves the Hero, To be the Hero is a honor…right? But no one actually relates to the struggle of the hero.

Who saves the hero…

Save the hero

This walk is so lonely
At times they don’t know me
Running from the secret
That the world tried to show me
Surely they pretend
But they’re no friend to man

The glow inside of me
is slowly becoming dim
They don’t understand me
and I don’t understand them

They all take pieces
There’s not much to give
But I was called for this assignment
So for the plan I live

To whom much is given much is required
So I am inspired to tell you
Heroes cry too
Yes heroes cry too
But there’s no mother to lend tissue
The hero stays the hero heroically handling his own issue

You can save the land
Rescue every woman and man
Defeat the enemy
Again again
But be consistent my friend
Because no one saves the hero in end

They’ll cheer your name
And gives praises all the same
Build you just to tear you up
The moment you slip up
And the hero has no one to save him guess
He’s just ___ out of luck

Let the villain get a victory
Or your better not be your best
Praises become taunts
“we’ll rip the S off his chest”
Who saves the hero
Easy answer… zero

Everyone comes to you
You are the beacon of hope
You can express your emptiness
& they’ll laugh at your joke
Not accept your uniqueness
But at your weakness they poke
Who saves the hero before the hero is broke

Shadow my existence
Survive in the resistance
Advance in the instance
That my feelings get conflicted
But who saves the hero
The replies are restricted

Who saves me
when the world turns
Nobody  seems to have water
When my house burns

no answers when I call
Not a helping hand
If I so happen to fall
so I’m forced to stand
Play my hand no matter the scenario I have to be the man
Because the hero is who I am

The fatigue hits you
You wonder if the world will miss you
Maybe they can relate
To not feeling to great

I mean rescuing cats from trees
Not the job for me

You can’t escape the town
No time to breakdown
The quit in you dies
To the occasion u rise
you simply have to ..DO!
Because the world can’t exist off your tries

No one saves the hero
That’s why we’re the hero
We’ll sacrifice our title
If we’re rescued by an idle

So we accept our task
Bask in our fate
With grace and honor
Until we reach the gate
Well done good and faithful servant
Is the compliment we await

Never shed a tear
Always save the souls
As hero our chest sticks out
Alway front and bold
Accepting our role
Even if it’s cold
We are who we are as the story’s been told

So if a hero asked to be saved
You should always say no

Not the boys in blue
But if not me then who
If not me then who
Definitely not you
Naw sir not you

As I look in the mirror
My reflection seems clearer
If I’m nothing but a sandwich don’t let me be a gyro
I repeat to myself
Save the hero save the hero


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to Save The Hero

  1. Beautiful Disaster says:

    So is being the hero a blessing or a curse? Spending your entire existence saving others, but no one is there to save “the Hero,” is it really worth the title. “They,” whomever “they” are can gladly have my “S.” I prefer to save myself.

  2. Poncho says:

    Dope, I giv support not cause u fam but the work speaks for its self, keep it up.

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