Daydreamin and I’m thinking of you.

I am sure im living with my head in the clouds but just thought u should kno

(H) My head is in those same clouds.
I don’t know what this feeling is

Share with me? I am interested in what your interest is simply because you’re interesting

(H) I’m feeling everything I havent felt in the last year. It’s a rush of emotion. It’s stings but in a good way. I can feel the blood flowing through my body.

I made her come alive
I smile when we speak, I miss you like I need you and its only been a week, vacancy was filled with the emotions that you feel but the wounds opened up and that’s how I knew it was real

(H) I’m speechless right now

So I took her breathe away , silenced her in such a way, that made me lose what I want to say, let lips form words that paint portraits of what I want to portray I’m not good with a paintbrush & with words I don’t rush, don’t me to cause a fuss but I’m spontaneous.
So I hit you out the blue with things you never knew, knowing the results could only be one out of the two, a simple yes or no would do.
Entertain my disposition, hoping I can be forgiven, for any past affliction in your passing mentions… Of me.

But this is just a conversation piece- like if I had a chance could I even say these things. Probably will or I probably won’t. Timid in my action and reluctant in my approach. Maybe I’ll speak it briefly and laugh like its a joke. Hell I just text it and add “l o l”

Ever get lost in a place and when you are found out of that place you wish you were lost again?
Lost myself in a moment few days not frequently visited but I enjoyed every minute from the ending to the for sighted beginning. So I mumbled true make believe scenarios in the form of this poem.


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to Daydreamin and I’m thinking of you.

  1. Beautiful Disaster says:

    “…A dream, a simple fantasy, that I, wish was reality, that you, coming knocking at my door, and we, relive this dream once more.”

    First thing I thought of after reading.

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