Here’s a snippet of a piece I’m working on. Ever fought yourself to do something but were to concerned with the outcome so you just didn’t. Maybe you decided to do it but the damage from your decision creates a false since of awareness that prevents you from doing it again.
If you ever battled an “if” this is your piece… I may post the finished portion.

If if was a fifth we’d all be drunk said the wise wine-o from up the street
Who tends to recite that line to me every time we meet
I knod give him a dollar and he says “live your dreams young blood” in a raspy voice
But on this particular day I realized the wine-o didn’t give me a choice
You see live your dream young blood was a demand for me to go and figure out Gods plan for me
To not be distracted by the foolish ways of men or not make the same mistakes again and again
That mistake was leaving the uncertainty of ifs on a table because certainly there’s no certainty in if you could or could not
So your red means go but your green makes you stop
So you miss 100% of the ones you don’t take so I eliminate ifs with every shot

So I push ifs off cliffs and pray they have parachutes
And maybe these chutes and ladders will produce
A game worth the investment or at least unlearned lessons
A reality that can gate in my insanity but naturally the ifs go for crash landings And I’m happy..right
I prefer to be solemn by the siting then be wrapped up in the wonder
The solemn brings me comfort…
rushing for another…


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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