Vilify The Hero

Here’s what happens when you decide not to save the hero… Another snippet I plan to utilize a lot of characters from Marvel & DC comics.

Vilify the Hero
They say there never really miss you till you dead or you gone so on that note I’m leaving after this poem… (always wanted to say that)

Took the baterang shattered the bat signal
Destroyed the bat cave with only 1 missile
Between the crime and grime
Gotham it won’t miss you
But to quit saving the world, that’s the only way to kill you
So I did it
They neglected to show any appreciation or homage
So I threw my utility belt in the damn garbage
Burnt every cape that this crusade had seen
Gave the bat mobile to the dude with the ring
Broke off Al a couple of dollars
Chucked up the deuce told Robin i’ll holla
The hero has fallen all the villains say
And the city so quick to vilify my name
By pass the good that I did do
Guess I’m only useful as my last rescue…

Sold the funny red boots took the S off my chest
Figured it was time to give this superhero mess it’s final rest
No more telephone booths do you know how hard it is to find them
Gave up the faster then a speeding bullet they used to define him
Destiny & fate
would pick you apart if I’m one second late
But I’m always on time, going from good to great
Until metropolis falls or I don’t answer the calls
Paper reads “Luger takes millions with pollution”
Is there no Superman with infinite solutions
He works for no pay but we hope & pray
He’s around to save the day…
When I don’t show, hope light dims low
Shrug my shoulders and say so
I knew the day would come when you would vilify the hero
“Superman’s a phony Superman’s a fake
Where is he when we need him”
All you do is take…why would be the question
If I didn’t say goodbye

Protected humans from our own kind
But was treated all the same
So don’t flip us the finger when we retire from the game
Have fun with Magneto let Apocalypse receive you
Hero on Monday mutant freak on Sunday


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to Vilify The Hero

  1. beautifuldisaster1226 says:

    So is this the point where the “hero” decides that his own inner peace, is more important than attempting “keep the peace?”

    Blessed are the peace makers, not the peace keepers….

    • LuHeff says:

      This is the point where the hero teaches a lesson, stay tuned can’t give away all of it. But I like your approach, just not the “truth” in the never ending story! Thank you for your read tell a friend and a friend about it.

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