Carlito’s Way

Carlito’s Way

Rest easy for trouble don’t last always always always
Joy cometh in the morning
Just last tonight tonight tonight

He recalled the conversations he had with those wiser
Kept the lessons of the OG in mind
And preached he was a survivor

Felt more comfortable in his own skin
By not being the only one
There is more like him

Know the character of your enemy
So u can defeat them
But most importantly know the character of your friend

Know no such thing of over analyzing
The data is relevant
As it is present

Like a tree stand firm tall feet planted
But prepare to be chopped down
By those who can’t stand it

Treat your now
Like its forever
It’s really all you have

The relief of what the unknown tomorrow brings
Ecstatically recognizing it cant be a repeat of today for sure
I sketch the unfortunate events in words
Replay actions in my slumber
Stay a step ahead sleep with one eye open
Challenge the norms
Your heart is your vest your knowledge your helmet protect yourself at all times


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to Carlito’s Way

  1. beautifuldisaster1226 says:

    Dope, very nice. Never make the same mistake twice. But a life of constant protection has got to keep the mind, body, and spirit very weary.

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