Savior To Save Her

Savior to Save Her
Hearts of shattered glass show reflection of no’s
Forced into yes’s
Innocence stolen torn dresses broken walls
Tears respond to unanswered calls
Hand reaches as signals of whispers screams
But you or me don’t answer… We weren’t there for her we chastised her
Complimented her sexy looks but never helped her with her books
Never opened a door nor pulled out a chair
We stared at her breast while we looked in her face
& now we judge her because she has a different taste
All in her Kool aid not knowing the flavor
Finger pointing judging her as the savior
But where the fuck were we when she needed some1 to save her
Now shes in college detached from her soul unknown to her body
Throwing her “stolen goods” at any & everybody
And we call her names unaware of her shame
Handicapped with no assistance and losing at the game…
Called life, while she begs for him to love her and she begs for him to love her
But they don’t so she gets another no one tends to bother I mean ever
Question the fathers whereabouts in this story her pain our glory
No…we continue label her tell her stories to our homies
“like u know that hoe named Toni, domed me up but she don’t know me”
Nigga u as guilty as her forced first matter of fact you made shit worst
As her esteem just sinks deeper not havin any self worth
She thinks back to that step dad who touched her since birth
Her shoulders hunched over, the world just got too heavy
Tears flood like New Orleans levy, tryin to exit life but not ready
Memories haunt her so shit just keeps getting real
Takes a gallon of water to drown away those sleeping pills
Think of every woman YOU killed
good night Irene she sings I’ll see you in my dreams


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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