So it’s over you start off with your “he ain’t shit phase he didn’t deserve you, freak’em dress in the club every weekend trying to get your groove back mindset” you reject each nice guy that approaches.not interested non invested in the needs you desire but the wants you can’t acquire…
But dont forget WeSeeYou

right through you, you’re torn weak heartbroken and deep down you are wondering what you did wrong, was it your looks “naw I’m a dime piece”. Was it your attitude “naw im fun and easy to get along with”. Oh ain’t a thing wrong with you I forgot you a bad bitch.
But dont forget WeSeeYou

holding on to that Disney FairyTale dream bullshit that they fed you, misled you, that you are perfect the way you are and you dont have to change a thing MUTHAFUCKIN dream
But then weeks 2&3 hit you, you’re alone-the club scene old to you, your friend just got engaged, you’re never the bride this could be no more true, and your other girl found a “good man” and you keep getting cast for 1 night stands Damn! you dont fit in anymore,feelings no longer hurt they’re sore…
But dont forget WeSeeYou

Now u pondering about life gotta get ya body right .cut ya hair..go natural cuz its getting warmer drake got you dropping 10lbs preparing for summer, it’s anti cuffing season subliminally known as your slutting season
But dont forget WeSeeYou

it’s not the outer you that needs the change just those loose screws in your brain RT @NoteBook and every Tyrese tweet you yelling Preach, but thanks to RHOA you can’t speak 1st, but if I approach you Im accused of thirst…but with a 5-1 ratio of you to me I would ask that you think realistically, be genuine learn from your mistakes don’t cage your emotion from the risk you take, put on your big girl draws don’t break all the rules
But dont ever forget WeSeeYou


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to WeSeeYou

  1. Tiya says:

    WOW…brilliant absolutely brilliant!

  2. “Feelings no longer hurt they’re sore” Made my heart stop!!

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