Warriors Luck

Setting: High School literature class
Cast: Poet (the uncool kid), Audience classroom, Arch Enemy (The Cool Kid), Crying Girl (The Dope Chick)

Plot: Poet uses classroom and poem to display his pain from losing Dope Chick to The Cool Kid.

Warriors luck

“I have not a problem at all with riding in your village on horses with torches, destroying your entire existence
Not to mention raping your women and children, kneel or be killed,
Be consumed to your doom, lighted arrows fills rooms, steal the treasure that you keep while you sleep, make ashes into sand then rebuild on your land..why cuz we can.”

Screamed the young man to his class as he looked his arch enemy in the face. The rage illuminated his eyes witness the fire rise for he then realized he had lost his only prize.

” Fear not of those who chose not to conform for what you considered to be norm was too sickening to perform, I rebel against the spell that you delivered as oh well for your heart was like heaven but your action like hell.”

He fell, feeling like he failed the debate to be great left him with unfulfilled fate, living in a city where he’s the enemy of the state, there’s no country for him nor any of his kind so he bleeds from his pen to escape the prison of his mind the blood steadily writes every line, there’s no time to react or fix a mistake for the rules were given but the rules he couldn’t take

“yours laws and culture is nothing less than torture, I can’t be who I am not but be who I am can’t I be, but the blunt force trauma keeps convincing me of lies. As they draw their swords move forward, I accept my fate growing calmer no shield or no armor looking up with honor,baring the strength of my father. I will not give in I will not submit to your run of the mill generic bullshit”

He stood with a look of disgust projecting- if you wanted what I wanted you would have made us a must, there is no fight or a fuss the war within has come to an end, it’s funny how they can finish just as soon as they begin, why choose them but make me a friend
Why why choose them but make me a friend
He returned to the seat as she shed a tear the whole class cheered bravo but not a thing he could hear.
Took out a notepad ripped out a sheet attempted to write thoughts they were so incomplete
Hoping this could help them both cope as the bell rung he slipped her “The Note”

Stay tuned for the 2nd piece titled the “The Note”


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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