The Note

The Note

Setting: High School hallway

Cast: Poet (the uncool kid) & Crying Girl (The Dope Chick)

Plot: Poet slipped a note to The Dope Chick, The Dope Chick reads “The Note” on the way to her next class…

Dear “The Dope Chick”

Shooting stars and glowing moons can disappear if not cherished soon.
I walked around consumed of you now I hear your voice and the gloom comes through. See your face and my heart starts to sink my palms get sweaty and my legs get weak. But knowing the know hows know when’s left me with no wins. You’re only satisfied by your expectations set forth with no explanation. But I wasn’t born with the genetic mutation to read minds… Kind of feels like a waste of time…our time…this time

So I lost sight as fast as I lost time, you didn’t speak so the mute led the blind. Down twisted unchosen pathways of deception. All I have in my heart is a quarter bag of questions. A quarter juice deciding to just lose or let loose. I could never ask, moments we never had. But when i see you around school I’ll be happy that you glad. Pretend to care about your existence while simply existing in that instance, hoping you don’t mention…him.

Ms.Popular blessed to recover fast, skip hop jump to the next class. I’ll crawl limp mope feeling like trash. Go ahead laugh (I did). You’ll be where I am more then I am, but when you get here I’ll always be a friend. To tell you you’re beautiful and hold your hand…again & again. Write a poem or two for you, sing a tune or two for you, tell you lies like you deserve better, play a fool for two for you. The kid is uncool yes this is true, times two for you for you.

the uncool kid


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to The Note

  1. Anon. says:

    Seems like he reveals how love sick he is for her, but at the same time lets her know that he will not always feel that way about her, that it will soon fade to just a passing adoration. He kinds of tells her off while telling her he likes her. His time will not always be devoted to her, that he does not really want to be “that guy” that she can just dump all her boy troubles on anymore. He knows what she normally falls for, he’s not that guy and will never be but this is what he can offer her.

    I think we’ve all been there before. Either with a crush, someone you loved that didn’t really see you the same, or you just needed to know how someone felt about you but didn’t know how to ask.

    Dope piece. Looking forward to the next.

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