Partner In Crime

Sorry this isn’t the last piece to “The Story” the poem came to me out of blue… Enjoy comment email me tell a friend to tell a friend or something ….

Hello can you talk for a minute my souk wants to speak to you it’s important that you listen

Your beautifully oblivious it allows your brain to connect to your heart
I don’t have that, you’ll love life a way I can never grasp,
it allows you to feel things that I never have or or or…never will
my focus is set while you ride waves of breathing enjoying the thrill
But lucky for me your life is like the limitless pill…
Instilling in me a will for nothing less then victory
let you plant your flag in my life leave a note that you are here and stay right here…hear?

Security in my arms so I keep you from the harm
from things that may seem to do you wrong I intervene
In exchange for your serenity
pieces of your whole being bringing peace to me
peacefully your heart beat sings to me ever so gently
improv romance holding hands for a dance
off beat two left feet these feelings don’t need no rhythm
Non believers attack us with their poisonous venom
Impromptus I love yous to defend them
glad that I’m on your team and we’re winning.

Forever for always to the last of my days thankful for my blessings as I pray
You infected my bloodline joy spread throughout my frame
gave me a joy that could return to you my last name
Glad that nature took its time so I wrote you a poem that would blow your mind
signed sealed delivered your partner in crime


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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