“Picasso With A Pen”

Picasso with a pen

Purchased this canvas with prayers over time
With my pain I got a stand
Through trial and tribulation I acquired paint
These tears gave me a flat brush…

And now I rush with patience
Eager to stay calm
Cracked open each paint jar
Rolled the sleeves up on my arms

Locked myself in a room
Painting pictures of you
But the picture turned out ruined
Because I didn’t have the right tools

So experience gave paint lessons
Trust loaned me more canvases
Courage gave me a fine tip brush
Still not sure if that’s enough

Faith gave me a vision
Hope taught me precision
Fight sold me persistence
keen eye sight showcased me a pallet knife

Now it feels right

I’ll paint poetry about her till the solvent dies
until the paint runs dry
my muse for life
Let the sonnets be her thighs
& these rhymes define her eyes
As the scroll unfolds for miles with adjectives of her smile

Let it be as time capturing to be viewed next as Sargents “Madame X”
Or as the brilliant colors like us shining too soon displayed in Leightons “Flaming June”
Beautifully vivid & vintage as Lisa in a Vinci

And now I rush with patience
Eager to stay calm
Cracked open each paint jar
Rolled the sleeves up on my arms
Laying out my tools
Properly putting them to use
Certain that what ensues
will be a piece suitable for my muse


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to “Picasso With A Pen”

  1. Lette says:

    I like it! You’ve schooled me because of course I had no clue who “Madame X” or “Flaming June” was so I had to run over to Google. Continue to bless the world with your gift and know that you truly inspire me to get back to my pen & pad….

    • LuHeff says:

      Those pictures are said to be some of the best paintings of women ever, so as I get my tools (stated in the piece) I wanna paint my picture and have it compared to the greats! Thank you for reading and commenting tell everyone!

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