Black Man Plight

Often I sit down and think about the common traits of black families. It amazes me how the young black guy of the family is the HOPE for the entire family. But what’s even more shocking is how often that young man accepts and embraces his status quo calling.

I was strongly considering not posting this piece because it’s so personal but I really want to see if others can relate.
Thinking of turning this into a series.


BlackManPlight BlackManPlight BlackManPlight don’t let your day light turn into night
Never let your struggle rob you of your might
BlackManPlight BlackManPlight BlackManPlight

You see that intro is about as corny as the expectation that was placed on me from the moment I was conceived.
Perfection wasn’t a want it was embedded as a need.
So me I strive for what black men die for…it all
Let me tell you a story about the rise for a fall… Pay attention y’all

See my father was a succeed by any means type nigga
Had everything he had every dreamed type nigga, even a second chance with me go figure

Smarty type, usually right,
Frown on his face from the shit he had faced
But always had a solution or a wise thing to say
Only a grunt or a grown when things didn’t go his way

This was a hand I was dealt to play
Not knowing the dues Dad had paid
I just knew I wanted to be like him some day

But the time came too soon
He had to make a run that led him to caged in room
Moms had no answer & so she looking at me
But I’m looking like him seeing what I’m destined to be

Steady getting laughed at clothes don’t fit right
Getting sent home from school for fist fights
Wanna be just like Dad he was winner
But moms couldn’t feed me, i was eating twix for dinner

I was her solution I will be the hero
I would always save her she would want for zero
Those worries and pain that she wore for makeup
Scrapping ten bottles together to fix a plate up

I have to change this, this is just how it is
I was sick of using the oven to heat up the crib

But I can’t complain there’s no room for me to vent
Let i dare express emotion moms would call me bitch
Grandma said you can’t cry & “tears don’t move me”
Never understood why they talked so cruelly

“What we gon do now, what’s the plan”
I was 7 years old trying to be the fucking man
I accepted it embraced my moments boldly
Would run through the few lessons Dad had showed me

Don’t panic, stop breath think, make sure you control the ship
It’s ok if it rocks but never let it sink
Always keep your word cuz they can’t take that from you
And no matter what happens just remember that I love you

But this was my black mans plight
Don’t let your daylight turn to night
Never let your struggle rob you of your might

So I

Bottled up my pain, put the burdens on my shoulders
Went to face the world that was only getting colder

Can’t lose can’t fail, the family needs me
Lock away all the days that they couldn’t feed me,
or hugs I never got, memories we never made
Recall telling my mother i would never leave the day my sister ran away

But this was my black mans plight
Don’t let your daylight turn to night
Never let your struggle rob you of your might
You are who you are and it will be alright…


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to Black Man Plight

  1. SoulUrge3 says:

    Speechless. Amazing piece (peace) of work. May your writing set your soul free. 🙂

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