This Dis-Ease

This dis-ease

The silence starts to settle when the music is the loudest… Depart from the norm now or be consumed by the proudest

They all cheer for me the sound starts to swell, they know nothing about me oh so well, but I bend to blend, knowing exactly how this ends, I know the rules so the game begins

Now they’ve all bought in to me the stringless puppet, the image of the man who appears to fear nothing, broad shoulder wide stance because I’ve carried all this burden. I wear the smile although my back started hurting

So I spaz once of twice -oh the sigh of relief, and the backlash I receive is the truth being released, how foolish of my dreams to think they really loved me.

I’ve perfected the game
Understood the outcome
But remained the same

As the flame diminishes and the stars gases out, all the critics commenting like they really had doubt, yet they believed in me oh “they know what I’m about” like you’ve all seen the sun but was blinded by the clouds

I’ve perfected the game
Understood the outcome
But remained the same

Fans turn on me some family did to, but long love the lifer that’s surviving in you, as the plot for my grave gets occupied by my youth I repeat to myself… I know the rules

I’ve perfected the game
Understood the outcome
But remained the same

You dig yourself deeper, knowing the balance has left, the nice guy label has buried you & you can’t fend for yourself, filled yet empty, unfulfilled yet satisfied patience is the key, but I’ve pushed the whole lock aside

This old compromised soul steady praying for peace, while my conscience is screaming the truth shall set you free

…(Coldplay simmers in the atmosphere)

I just got lost every river that I’ve tried to cross, every door I ever tried was locked… I’m just waiting till the shine wears off………


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to This Dis-Ease

  1. SoulUrge3 says:

    **Disclaimer: This is one POV, which could be completely wrong and un-aligned with the poets intent. The beauty of art is the various ways it can be interpreted. **

    Perfecting the art of playing the game is not the same as conquering. Perfecting the strategy and utilizing it yields a consistent outcome, hence the understanding the poet has acquired: (utilizing Strategy X = Outcome Y, consistently). He remains the same bc he has used that strategy so much that not only does he KNOW what the outcome will be, he UNDERSTANDS it. I think its called “playing it safe.” It satisfies his ego to know that he’s perfected a strategy, but it is un-fulfilling to his soul (and the spectators) because he has yet to “win.” He should try conquering the game, instead of perfecting how he plays it. He possesses the necessary elements to devise a winning strategy (knows the rules,perfected the game, understands how to achieve specific outcomes); but the familiar strategy provides comfort in its predictability.

    In a weird way I think he feeds off the continuous cycle. He is afraid to win, because if he does then the game will be over…what will he do then?

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