Black Man Plight 2 (the plight continues)

Black Man Plight
As the days rotate on the axis of the earth, I ask myself why are we considered as the worst, picked apart put back together where the pieces don’t match, trying to hold all in without a stain or a scratch
Marriages are broken before we even meet the girl, cuz the girl is the girl who’s been influenced by the world, from 3 month salary rings to $200 dates then fitting the bill for the wedding we’re debt at this rate.
“Ohhh what’s going on, tell me what’s going on”
From the homes that are broken, mother playing dual roles, subconsciously she takes back what she believes that you stole. Her time, her freedom, like you planned for this shit, but you feel responsible you seen the pain she dealt with
So our fate is to substitute as pseudo mates. To replace the present bad for a future great.
“Mother mother there’s to many of you crying”
Only to win while we protect friends from being lost in the wind. Providing for our wife and raising our own children.
The disturbia of hysteria that repeated all the history, delivered all the misery but removed the mystery, flat out sickens me… IT FLAT OUT SICKENS ME! Now you say it IT FLAT OUT S I C K E N S ME!!
“Brother brother brother there’s far too many of us dying,You know we’ve got to find a way”
Trying to change a culture that’s identified with struggle in the streets or the ghettoes of our concrete jungle called life…
As a black man stand strong take bullshit in stride, but you can’t get motion sickness on this roller coaster ride.
Click up or battle alone to survive, BUT don’t dare get ahead or “they” will bury you alive..alive
“To bring some loving here today”
But we were built for this, the weight of the world is not enough to lift, give me your & yours hers and a few asses to kick. Why because at the end of the day I LOVE IT.
To society we’re a menace but they’ll cut themselves to copy our image, or run a ball and sell their tickets. They don’t like a nigga winning.
Blood of a slave, heart of king, “i give it to you” we’re the Bane of this thing.
Life full of fighting, years of surviving,
Indifferent wrong right
Black Man Plight


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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