Bleed Out

Bleed out bleed out bleed bleed bleed out
Let my pulsating truth
Free me from all your bondage
Let every emotional memory stain this pavement
Engrave this concrete as a symbolism of permanence
For here I bleed out permanently letting go
Bleed out

I miss you not sure if it’s because you’re familiar
Or just realer
So I yearn to push you away
But you love me so you stay
And the abuse gets worse, our communication is cursed
So I find excuses to lead you
But one more just to leave you
Foolishly kicking myself
Selfishly killing yourself

Bleed out just maybe you can find a way to save me
We can weather any storm for we were born to adorn
But don’t mourn if I just bleed out

Honestly I love you more than you can imagine
But I couldn’t imagine spending my life with a fire breathing dragon
Strong enough to break a nail
But you couldn’t bend to show you cared
Even tho I’m a man I admit I needed you there
The slightest mistake made you offensive
A little too argumentative
Stern in your will yet timid in your skill
For you rather destroy me to build you

I’ve chased you for centuries
Yet you’ve always alluded me
Too kind to be mean
So I cling to this dream
“a date with destiny
& you said be on time
Told me wear some nice shoes and bring a bottle of wine
We’re gonna dance in our socks
While our mothers don’t watch”
As reality strikes in the middle of the night
Dreams fade away before I get the chance to say
That your looks are crucial
Your ditsy personality makes you all the more beautiful
How blessed I am to have ever held your hand
Though I’ll never understand why you never gave me a chance
Possibly I took the wrong route
Let a brother bleed out…bleed out

Let my thoughts be no action
As I cut into this flesh
And the ink bleeds out until there’s nothing left
As it all drys so does my desires
Close my open wounds with the fire y’all ignited

Bleed… Out!


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

One Response to Bleed Out

  1. Kayla says:

    Dope! Very powerful with your use of words .. Every time!

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