The Road

The Road

What dreams may come once you decide the dream is no longer enough
When is enough is enough
And you can no longer be tough
But every mistake makes you wonder
If the path you’re on is meant to cause this discomfort

Am I unpleasing in His eye
Is this punishment you humbly ask why
Beaten to bended knee
but to prideful to cry
At your wits end but too scared to die
Always fearful of what you’d leave behind

So it’s hard too go… Even harder to let go
You become subdued in your mood that you can’t alter your attitude

But you can’t stay here, can’t remain in this place
Your road leads to greatness and greatness is no race
Just move your feet… Please

On this journey for peace
I’ve been broken to pieces
Submerged in my pain to the point I don’t need this

But not yet defeated, the potholes in the street only cause for distractions
the progression going forward is the main course of action
Prayer is the GPS and Jesus is your traction
…tread fearlessly

there’s glory in the fight
Don’t go easy in the night
Throw hands out never up
There’s strength when one triumphs

Those lost souls see you, they need you, they believe you
Pursue with all you have
& you’ll have all you pursue

Remorse is for the weak
Pity is for the pitiful
Dare to be different, never mind the ridicule

The road to success is paved with curves, not straight paths
A couple no luck boulevards and broken heart aves

But be a pyro with passion today
ignite flamed torches & find your way

But be a pyro with passion today
ignite flamed torches & find your way

On this road


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to The Road

  1. Tiya says:

    Favorite line: “Prayer is the GPS and Jesus is your traction…tread fearlessly”-Lu Heff
    I just added that to my quote book.

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