Random Adam part 1 (clean)

Random Adam part 1

Dear Eve

Taking deep breaths inhaling heaven,
Closing my eyes counting backwards from seven
Until you appear…
But your still not here.
Truly I don’t care knowing that your off changing the worlds neglect
Doing what you have to do too remain perfect…
I often applaud out of respect,

Let me just tell you…what fresh air can do

A breath of fresh air renewing my spirit
Day dreams of you rejuvenating my heartbeat so you can hear it
Walk around like a lost child carrying this big hidden smile
Displaying random acts of kindness
You’ve given me joy and I don’t care how you found this

I’ve watched you from afar
hoping too get closer and notice a flaw
As a reminder you’re human not some fictitious statued mermaid
being portrayed I a. Museum of the raw
Let the audience pay attention while being struck by awe
And they’ll all say awwwww

Awwww let me just tell you what I’ve seen

Capturing moments and places in time
Translating your syllables in rhyme
futuristic thoughts of you being mine
Becomes stain print glass in my mind

(And I don’t need no windex wit cho fine ass)

Reaching out with sewn together sonnets so strong of twine
The slight touch of my adjectives tingles your spine
Cling too them wether they be in transit or yet to transport
Suited with armor piercing arrows ready to launch from my cohort

All ready, let me just tell you what I’ve felt

Amazing would be an understatement
wonderful just couldn’t paint
An overwhelming feeling
from a mysterious being
Constantly bringing a breathe of fresh air


Breathe deep lets go to that place again,
erase the pain again, escape that rain again underneath that barrier within
That you seldom let me in…



About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to Random Adam part 1 (clean)

  1. Lette says:

    So in this piece, are you looking for Eve? That’s what I’m getting as I read it.

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