Random Adam Part 2 the sensual Adam

Random Adam part 2. (Sensual than Sexual)

Just keep pleasing me…with you
More sensual than sexual
Pleasure in combat with pain
Driving the attention of our senses insane

Insane crazy control me with your emotions
Fluid moving motion
Manifesting into a spawn off of cosmic bliss
Erupt from this… Everywhere

Everywhere and anywhere you want to feel ecstasy
Dig your nails into my back or just lay next to me
Telling each other stories
while imagining one fantasy

Fantasy erotica exotic transfers of silence
No supervision necessary
No need for guidance
Let’s just try it

Try it exploring each other’s galaxy
Heightened moments from agony
Identifying the soul intricacy
With arousing blends of aggression and intimacy
As you your mind slowly whispers…”enter me”

& Enter I shall do,
depositing positive elements of Lu
Mending broken pieces together with wood glue
Stick to me as I stick too you

Stick too you grip tighter
Cling harder pinch biter
Pull harder draw out
All the things you dream bout

Utter words with hopeful commands
In promises to meet again
Uniting brain waves on plains
That won’t plateau

Elevating to outer limits
Octaves high enough to destroy white noise
Firm in positions free but poised
More sensual than sexual
Keep pleasing me with you


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to Random Adam Part 2 the sensual Adam

  1. Lette says:

    Well damn… lol!! Nice!

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