I’m not leaving “you” I am leaving a space that I’ve outgrown to grow into a new space designed for me. What I sought out I did not find, a state of peace or a peace of mind. I left love in it’s truest form, for the common love of funds. Only to end back up where I truly begun.

Everyone came to you-but I left there. Confused of where I was going I moved with a blank stare. Though challenges connected us, disconnection were the challenges. Consistently colliding while I’m always trying to manage “this”. Like wtf is “THIS” it’s cool when it’s cool but my heart is elsewhere so it’s impossible to be with you. And I steal moments that don’t turn into memories, giving so much into you that I don’t even remember me. Hey you… Man in the mirror remember me?

Running from the pain of past to the pain of your present-just gift wrapped better so what’s hidden isn’t evident. I try to be clever but my ignorance is prevalent. Like you appear to be heavenly but the hell with thinking you were heaven sent.

I hung out in university with you often-but cruising uptown put my pockets in a coffin. Everybody was your friend if you had a drink in your hand. I was only the man in the gym I attend. Taught me the meaning of family- that others shared so candidly, but I must break away from you for the sake of sanity.

I would’ve gone ill to give you health
Gone broke to give you wealth
Died to give you life…
But to exist- like this
just didn’t seem right
I smiled in your light
Fought my demons in your night
The perfect vision of hindsight
Blind folded my eyes’ sight

So good night farewell bye bye
…I must say
as beautiful as you are
I just can’t stay
But as royal as you can be- yet remains to be seen

Sincerely… Me
Sealed and closed a letter to the Queen


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

2 Responses to A LETTER TO THE QUEEN

  1. Ashley R. says:

    This hits home for me at this present moment and time in my life. But from a female’s perspective. Another great and relatable piece.

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