Erratic Pace

Erratic Pace
So now I’m pacing all around 

I love you more than I can express but the expressions I expressed only showed the less 

Pace some more spew out emotions 

Raging like an uninterrupted erupted volcano 

Self desires “YOU JUST COULDN’T SAY NO” 
Pace again memories of my childhood remind me I’m like my parents -you know quiet. My dad ran off to deal with the problems 

My mom got high to ignore trying to solve them
I hid in closets so my demons couldn’t find me 

Close my eyes to see the demons inside of me
Pace some more -shadow boxing while clinching my core 

Not even sure what I’m swinging at- I can’t see straight anymore 

I gotta destroy something so this can stop destroying me

How ironic can I be, pacing till my feet bleed
Falling to knees asking He remove the pain 

All the while I’m vomiting-my ulcer fighting through the strain 
It hurts worst than when you did it cuz now it’s all my fault 

Yet it’s funny how both times I blamed it on my flaws. 

I’m the cause of the halt and now you wanting to leave 

Saying distance from the disappointment of people 

Because you disappointed in me 
I’m pouring gallons into pint glasses how wasteful 

Took a dose of my own medicine it was distasteful 

The abuse you were used too finally becomes useful

And the truth hurts but never been this brutal 
Pace aggressive – more speed going nowhere fast 

Intentions tho good they don’t always last 

pace through mixed emotions crying then I bust out and laugh 

Maybe critics would think I’m crazy but they don’t know the half
Pace erratically-drastically changing genetic make up

Swear the episodes of my life you couldn’t make up 

No lifetime movies can capture the drama that I’m made of

Pace until you can’t pace no more

Pace until your feet get sore 

Pace until you heal your core 

Pace erratically-drastically changing genetic make up

Swear the episodes of my life you couldn’t make it 


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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