And now we walking on egg shells 

Trying to keep the peace 

When we both want to explode 

And it’s all because of me

All of my selfish ways even on my best days 

I can’t out run my past or decisions I made 
My actions don’t match those words 

Or all the things that you heard 

Maybe you could see to my heart 

See it’s no longer dark 
I’m a changed man with bad habits yet removed 

But don’t mean I’m not working, and I’m working for only you

It’s fucked up that it happen I admit that I’m wrong 

I’m emotionally weak when you needed me to be strong 

& I Don’t wanna know what happen after the love is gone
When you’re were throwing punches I left my guard down 

Unfortunately for us this goes 12rounds

My invisible counters, and untimed hooks.

Was only retaliation for bullshit that I took
Now ignorant of I

Going eye for an eye 

I get like that at times

Knowingly going blind 

Knowing I would die 

if you were to leave my side 
You were never perfect and I didn’t need you to be 

Honestly speaking you were perfect for me

Best friend you became 

And now I’m in a fear of loss 

It’s funny we never see the cost 

On how the effects out weigh cause 
Now the touch is feeling different 

And you don’t wanna listen 

So I write this in poetry to get it out my system 
Cold sweats and shakes-levy starting to break 

Working to save the only thing I could forsake 
It gets harder to maintain as the value increase 

I wasn’t equipped with the right tools and that’s to say the least

Doubt sets in-this isn’t meant for me

The clam starts closing to hide the pearl you seek. 
Memories resurface while fingers get to pointing

Only thing is their all pointing and me 

Misery is my company and I don’t let leave 

Humans are prone to error yet I wanna be error free

I keep asking God for forgiveness while I’ve never forgave me 

Backs against the wall and I don’t even wanna swing 

The fight died a long time ago but I haven’t left out the ring
Looking at the mirror not noticing the reflection 

The man is staring back like I’m looking in the wrong direction 

You know what you’re doing, and we all have choices

So live with the consequences of whatever the choice is 
Can’t get out my own way so around corners I’m bent

Don’t mind me-I’m just in the space my sins rent

No one around so the pen decided to vent. 


About LuHeff
I am one of the lost poets (naw really im lost) Minister/Sigma/MSUSpartan follow at @LuHeff

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