Dancing in the middle of the street
…with a song on repeat
Rhythmic movement tripping over my own feet
I escape…

The sounds of the cars don’t pollute my mind
In fact at this moment in time
I’m free

Arms spread wide spinning in circles with my eyes closed
Seeing things unseen I conquered the theory of time fold
My souls old

“It seems, as one becomes older,
That the past has another pattern,
and ceases to be a mere sequence…”
Or a trance, non happenstance…
So im in the present partnered
with dance



67 Days in Alaska (Psalm 30:5)

read my devotional today
it said the sun was on the way
weeping may endure for a night
but everything will be ok

so young boy just hold on tight
the darkness cant survive the light
just cuz they’re wrong don’t mean you’re right
life’s a battle you have to fight

…but why,
your purpose of life is not to die
fulfilling your destiny is life’s mystery why lie
while mingling through the millennium you’ve missed your chance to fly
ith every breath of forgiveness in your lungs He’s begging you to try…just try

do all that you can and with everything you can you do
so empty out your spirit and God will do the rest for you
timeliness is God’s decide so your patience must be trust
for if your seed was over anxious for the harvest would you ever enjoy the fruit

Yes the time seems endless and you were once seen fearless
I need you to hear this…

plant your feet firm in the wild
…don’t you run child

it’s been dim for a while
can’t see the shine for some miles

but the rays will arise
bright as bold look alive

if you’re resting in your demise
read Psalm 30:5

Crown me #TheUnpleasedKing

The Unpleased King

I offered them my best, but I only demanded more
Never pained me in my heart but knotted up my core

Blood teared ulcers drowned in cognac sorrows
Crown myself today but crucify myself tomorrow
Consistently looking for a praise that I can borrow

Knowing there’s straighten arrow path…
It’s too narrow for my nature
I take a few steps on the road and laugh

Listen to the birds just soaring in the sky
Perplexed with the question of why not I

The fear of falling got me scared of flying… Timid living
A holy life got me kind of bored…now I’m sinning
Maybe if they paid attention more it’d be different
Or I coulda opened up more but who the fuck I’m kiddin

My eternal issues are an internal issue.
Say a pray for me -not pity-
I need God not your tissue.

Waiting on my big break hope it’s not down…
They say you either sink or swim
Maybe this is where I drown

My true reign still remains to be seen. Eclipsed by my enemies haunting me in my dreams. Ignoring all the conquering I accomplished in this regime.

No matter how my run went

Crown me  #TheUnpleasedKing


That glow that attracted me naturally resurfaced.
I was consumed by the image of laying while you were laying while not laying where you were laying
Yet being where you are

Years pass

Every change I made she was worth -that’s value.
Knowing what I was missing while you were missing-but still I had you.

You’re the yin to my yang
Peace to my war
Battle for my cries
And a war worth much more
The weight that balances my scale
Waiting has balanced it well
A divine artifact so you are holy to my grail
Energy transmitted through pixels, giving me chills.

While curvature of your lips gives me thrills…metaphorically.

Enjoying you while you enjoying me.

Thinking what you’re thinking making love through telepathy.

While our hearts still war, from the scars of before. I’ll gladly drop my sword just to show you I adore…For this is no longer about a win

Hello, it appears we meet again

A Crime Committed

A beauty so astonishing it leaves a poet silent…
Even with the best metaphors He needs a paint brush to cosign it
Elegant waves of sonnets after sonnets
Blended into a canvas tossed across the atlas boomeranged backed
in a filter of white and black
Learning lessons
but she won’t sign the confession

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

I mean vintage beauty
Almost like her duty
Is to awe the jury
So if I skip over words or stut stut stut stutter please don’t sue me

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

Your honor it is an honor to be graced by her presence
I can’t steal your gift
So I requested she be present
If I placed words improperly
Will she still acknowledge me

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

There’s gotta be a way to win this
As God is my witness
Let the eyes testify
As I pictured you and I
Under oath tell no lie
That her image can’t be victimized

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

…it was you I blurted out from the stand
Chest stuck out as man
Admitting to scanning Instagram
For a chance or second glance
Leaving my finger print over her heart
Hiding in the dark
My intentions to just spark
A conversation but where to start
Or even how to continue
I spilled the whole beans not knowing what I got into

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

A note from Banner


They loved him calm, intelligent, collected.
His intellect was one that was highly respected.

Underneath it all was a monster in rage locked in a cage
to afraid to face the mistakes that he had made.

Destroyed everything in his grasp, all the hulk wanted was someone to make him laugh, hold his hand understand make the beautiful moments last… But they left

Can’t blame them for saving themselves for the danger of his gamma couldn’t change the pain he felt. But he hides it. Hides the fact he pushes him away. Hoping someone loves him as strong as he is too stay…but they don’t they couldn’t and they shouldn’t be a fool for loving him from a distance is the only way not too lose.

They created this monster
that I could never conquer
I embraced my pain
hoping things would change
Its a shame what I’ve become
Trying to be what they would want

I couldn’t walk away from pain and I ran away from love.


A Dream Deferred

Broken beaten battered and bruised
Don’t let my size fool you things hurt me too.
I can’t beat the odds unless I break all the rules
so I’d be praise dancing with Satan while moon lighting with Jesus hoping blessings come through…
God give me a reason to continue

Nightmares causes ulcers waking up in my own blood, washing away all visions killing hope in the flood. Push forward or retreat I cry my eyes when I hear the word
if The Lord chose me why all my dreams deferred.

Family becomes absent they don’t see the picture, fake friends become distant when you thought they would ride wit you,
girls don’t understand what it’s like to be a man that sacrifices for the plan that has a destination but no land.

Nightmares causes ulcers waking up in my own blood, washing away all visions killing hope in the flood. Push forward or retreat I cry my eyes when I hear the word
if The Lord chose me why all my dreams deferred.

I black out see it all from the pain to the product.
They clap for me but they don’t have clue about my conduct.
I’m destroyed covered by illusion of my peers,
trying to carry out the mission while I’m still here.

Nightmares causes ulcers waking up in my own blood, washing away all visions killing hope in the flood. Push forward or retreat I cry my eyes when I hear the word
if The Lord chose me why all my dreams deferred.

Turned the other cheek too many times, lifted my head just a couple more. Every time I checked the board I had the losing score. All those opportunities they’ve been granted I begged for and got slanted Took this as a sign that it’s simply not my time, not designed for the struggle and I’m worn from the grind.

Nightmares causes ulcers waking up in my own blood, washing away all visions killing hope in the flood. Push forward or retreat I cry my eyes when I hear the word
if The Lord chose me why all my dreams deferred.

I’m empty I’m feeling lonely my past starting to own me,
no love could console the dreams this world has stole.
My circumstances is different, can’t find anyone to listen,
it’s rage in me thats building.
They’re privileged while I’m hindered. I’m scarred near and far, the light hurts just like the dark, it’s all blackening my heart. My vision has been blurred my speech has been slurred, goals grew wings like a bird…and left me with…

A dream
A dream deferred

Unfortunately I regret to inform you all that this will be my final piece until I find peace. The poetry has gotten to a personal level that it’s to “raw” to just share with the world. Thank you all for your continued support, comments, likes and reposts. Poetry for me was a way of coping with the lows of life and celebrating the highs. I hope you all share your gifts and inspire others… Until the words reach you again #Farewell

Bleed Out

Bleed out bleed out bleed bleed bleed out
Let my pulsating truth
Free me from all your bondage
Let every emotional memory stain this pavement
Engrave this concrete as a symbolism of permanence
For here I bleed out permanently letting go
Bleed out

I miss you not sure if it’s because you’re familiar
Or just realer
So I yearn to push you away
But you love me so you stay
And the abuse gets worse, our communication is cursed
So I find excuses to lead you
But one more just to leave you
Foolishly kicking myself
Selfishly killing yourself

Bleed out just maybe you can find a way to save me
We can weather any storm for we were born to adorn
But don’t mourn if I just bleed out

Honestly I love you more than you can imagine
But I couldn’t imagine spending my life with a fire breathing dragon
Strong enough to break a nail
But you couldn’t bend to show you cared
Even tho I’m a man I admit I needed you there
The slightest mistake made you offensive
A little too argumentative
Stern in your will yet timid in your skill
For you rather destroy me to build you

I’ve chased you for centuries
Yet you’ve always alluded me
Too kind to be mean
So I cling to this dream
“a date with destiny
& you said be on time
Told me wear some nice shoes and bring a bottle of wine
We’re gonna dance in our socks
While our mothers don’t watch”
As reality strikes in the middle of the night
Dreams fade away before I get the chance to say
That your looks are crucial
Your ditsy personality makes you all the more beautiful
How blessed I am to have ever held your hand
Though I’ll never understand why you never gave me a chance
Possibly I took the wrong route
Let a brother bleed out…bleed out

Let my thoughts be no action
As I cut into this flesh
And the ink bleeds out until there’s nothing left
As it all drys so does my desires
Close my open wounds with the fire y’all ignited

Bleed… Out!

Famous & Infamous

My grey skies tell the best stories
Rainy days showed more glory
The sunny days are on vacays in a beach house with me snoring…
Life is too boring
Havoc and pain don’t cost to entertain
Well unless it’s 2cent in this love arcade
They all think you got it made
Just a sick form of torture
As your memory plays funerals at the alter
Trading off freedom for their preconceived notions
Gravity smacks you to the pavement cuz your nose wide open
High off of life until they steal your last breath
You gaze into the mirror only to see what’s left
Just speckles of yourself
As your conscience speculates and that cynic that your were starts to reincarnate
Reminding you of who are although they all call you great
Taking pop shots at the icon just to see if you will break…
And you do
Humpty Dumpty ass fool
You’re only as high as they lift you
Only as strong as your mental
Make a mistake they’ll forget you
Do something nice they’ll forgive you
Be who they see not who you are that’s how fame gets you far
Until you gassed out and let down phased out like a star

We all want to be famous until they forget what our name is.
Our biggest fans become our toughest critics. It’s too easy to get consumed by who they want you to be, and if you allow them to win you can become seriously empty. Life grants you numerous opportunities don’t allow how others depict you to determine which ones you take. The shame is in buying in to the twisted vision believing that they’ll always be there. Fame can imprison us all, cage you into a status quo existence. Freedom is not only loving yourself but being yourself. Be a warrior of truth or you’ll be a worrier of lies… Theirs and your own.




Love me how I need
Committed to you for eternity of us
Endure now for future fortunes