A Letter To Love

A letter to love

Dear love

Forgive me for contacting you in a such desperate time but there’s some concerns of mine that I just can’t hide.

You see Im aware I abused and misused you – mistreated and lied. Yet leaned on your love simply to survive. The tide that rolled in was too strong to swim against so I embraced…drifting away from your place.

I’m lost love yet I have not lost love it’s funny how it happens that way.
I looked you dead in the heart and didn’t know what to say.

Now my feelings are a ball of cosmic confusion, and I can’t beat the feelings of me losing…
It all…again

Love please be a friend…could you reach out your hands and reel things in.

I mean I thought I’d done better, my best I did try
But you reneged on emotion and somehow I’m the reason why…

Oh love you’ve made a fool of me for the up tenth time
Now you’re knocking at my chest and running circles in my mind

The blood pumps slow…the heart beats fast and by brain projects memories of faded pictures on broken glass… Now I’m backsliding to my past. I don’t trust I don’t feel.
Operating like a robot when i know that I’m real.
By the time you get this letter it will be all too late…



Crown me #TheUnpleasedKing

The Unpleased King

I offered them my best, but I only demanded more
Never pained me in my heart but knotted up my core

Blood teared ulcers drowned in cognac sorrows
Crown myself today but crucify myself tomorrow
Consistently looking for a praise that I can borrow

Knowing there’s straighten arrow path…
It’s too narrow for my nature
I take a few steps on the road and laugh

Listen to the birds just soaring in the sky
Perplexed with the question of why not I

The fear of falling got me scared of flying… Timid living
A holy life got me kind of bored…now I’m sinning
Maybe if they paid attention more it’d be different
Or I coulda opened up more but who the fuck I’m kiddin

My eternal issues are an internal issue.
Say a pray for me -not pity-
I need God not your tissue.

Waiting on my big break hope it’s not down…
They say you either sink or swim
Maybe this is where I drown

My true reign still remains to be seen. Eclipsed by my enemies haunting me in my dreams. Ignoring all the conquering I accomplished in this regime.

No matter how my run went

Crown me  #TheUnpleasedKing


That glow that attracted me naturally resurfaced.
I was consumed by the image of laying while you were laying while not laying where you were laying
Yet being where you are

Years pass

Every change I made she was worth -that’s value.
Knowing what I was missing while you were missing-but still I had you.

You’re the yin to my yang
Peace to my war
Battle for my cries
And a war worth much more
The weight that balances my scale
Waiting has balanced it well
A divine artifact so you are holy to my grail
Energy transmitted through pixels, giving me chills.

While curvature of your lips gives me thrills…metaphorically.

Enjoying you while you enjoying me.

Thinking what you’re thinking making love through telepathy.

While our hearts still war, from the scars of before. I’ll gladly drop my sword just to show you I adore…For this is no longer about a win

Hello, it appears we meet again

Make Your Place Here

Drawn into you like a magnetic field 

Clinging to every single emotion I have for you

Rather it be too soon or right on time Fuck safe! That’s the best part! It’s unsafe 

To arrive with such force 

And for a moment Im one with your supernatural being 

& I’ve lost all control I’ve relinquished all power 

It was natural like I just seen stars heard screams nails piercing my back bites on my neck, Shake and jerk push and pull come but do not go…

No please don’t go… Make your place here

Make your place here redecorate the interior
You can stay for a while 

Thats if you don’t have somewhere else to be

Paint the walls if you must, but the mess is yours to clean up

Be careful when moving the furniture I don’t want the floors to get damaged 

Everything has a place as there’s a place for everything 

so place those things properly if you know what I mean 

I’ve seen this space be shared for two

So yes please don’t leave… Make your place here



I’ll dance across the worlds atlas with you, 

leaving rhythmic footprints across continents

In tuned to a rhythm no one can hear but you. 

But the sound fades… And my feet become cement blocks

And my heart sweats it’s all out of moves 

not to the point of two left feet just too many wrong song choices

Melodic notes whisper “wanna dance”

And my soul replies I’ll sit this one out

The Atmosphere of Here

As you ride through the city night and you see the city lights 

The stars shine bright 

And the breeze is just right 

You laugh cuz you experience it all 

With a smile or a blush -this makes you 10ft tall

Corinne Bailey Rae plays & all the lights turn green

And you’re asking God what does it all really mean  

Looking through the sunroof staring at the sky 
Hope she doesn’t catch me staring at her eyes 

For her lips tell truths and my hands tell lies 

So I crack the knuckles in my hand to keep the nerves in disguise 

And I’m hoping the night stays young 

To answer restless questions of the why’s 

Why she doesn’t do this 

And why he doesn’t have that 

Trying to find solutions are steady holding us back 

You can see the battle in those eyes and the tears that they cried 

Hear the fear in the heart just waiting for a spark 

Maybe an inspiration to change the situation 

from the world they were facing 

And the fear they were embracing 

…it’s the atmosphere here 

Less Than Not Equal To (Part 1)

My math has been wrong 

For feelings that were too strong 

& I don’t know what to do 

Less Than Not Equal To

Sharp as a tack, when I attack or react 

So when they push me to that point tact is what I lack

I don’t believe in mercy only forcing them to regret, 

U won’t get the same pity I show a kid or a pet 

I’m only significant 

to those who know my reach is infinite 

But those who only want the benefit 

I can’t get up I’m impotent. 

I am one of one so there can be no equivalent 

Firm in my stance so I don’t break or bend a bit

Open my chest plate, and pulled my heart from the inside 

exposed it to you watching you take me for a ride 

through your galaxy as asteroids destroyed my faux steroid muscles, 

i tussled with gravity that never pulled me close enough to touch you

you were so out of this world 

I was so out of my mind 

for some dumb reason I thought stars would align 

ignoring the warning signs 

Knowing I could put on a facade or just self sabotage

Bomb like kamikaze or chop like karate. 

I mended broken bridges, used band aids for fixes 

While you took doors off the hinges and cut holes in picket fences 

While I was on some build it and they would come 

You were more break it and being dumb 

Which may work for some 

But I’m honestly not the one

Warning of mentally checking out cuz i wanted to be fair 

Never asking for too much just that you’ll always be there 

But you were so far left that I was always right, 

pride wouldn’t let me submit so you chose to fight 

Debating without logic sounds like common rhetoric 

eventually my intellect just got ahead of it, 

& you got ahead of that and decided to shut down 

royally damaging the kingdom heavy is the head that wears the crown. 

My math has been wrong 

For feelings that were too strong 

& I don’t know what to do 

Less Than Not Equal To…part 1 


I’m not leaving “you” I am leaving a space that I’ve outgrown to grow into a new space designed for me. What I sought out I did not find, a state of peace or a peace of mind. I left love in it’s truest form, for the common love of funds. Only to end back up where I truly begun.

Everyone came to you-but I left there. Confused of where I was going I moved with a blank stare. Though challenges connected us, disconnection were the challenges. Consistently colliding while I’m always trying to manage “this”. Like wtf is “THIS” it’s cool when it’s cool but my heart is elsewhere so it’s impossible to be with you. And I steal moments that don’t turn into memories, giving so much into you that I don’t even remember me. Hey you… Man in the mirror remember me?

Running from the pain of past to the pain of your present-just gift wrapped better so what’s hidden isn’t evident. I try to be clever but my ignorance is prevalent. Like you appear to be heavenly but the hell with thinking you were heaven sent.

I hung out in university with you often-but cruising uptown put my pockets in a coffin. Everybody was your friend if you had a drink in your hand. I was only the man in the gym I attend. Taught me the meaning of family- that others shared so candidly, but I must break away from you for the sake of sanity.

I would’ve gone ill to give you health
Gone broke to give you wealth
Died to give you life…
But to exist- like this
just didn’t seem right
I smiled in your light
Fought my demons in your night
The perfect vision of hindsight
Blind folded my eyes’ sight

So good night farewell bye bye
…I must say
as beautiful as you are
I just can’t stay
But as royal as you can be- yet remains to be seen

Sincerely… Me
Sealed and closed a letter to the Queen

A Crime Committed

A beauty so astonishing it leaves a poet silent…
Even with the best metaphors He needs a paint brush to cosign it
Elegant waves of sonnets after sonnets
Blended into a canvas tossed across the atlas boomeranged backed
in a filter of white and black
Learning lessons
but she won’t sign the confession

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

I mean vintage beauty
Almost like her duty
Is to awe the jury
So if I skip over words or stut stut stut stutter please don’t sue me

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

Your honor it is an honor to be graced by her presence
I can’t steal your gift
So I requested she be present
If I placed words improperly
Will she still acknowledge me

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

There’s gotta be a way to win this
As God is my witness
Let the eyes testify
As I pictured you and I
Under oath tell no lie
That her image can’t be victimized

Beautiful you are as it is written in law

…it was you I blurted out from the stand
Chest stuck out as man
Admitting to scanning Instagram
For a chance or second glance
Leaving my finger print over her heart
Hiding in the dark
My intentions to just spark
A conversation but where to start
Or even how to continue
I spilled the whole beans not knowing what I got into

Beautiful you are as it is written in law


The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all

Dark was the heart that was left off the arc for there was not a soul like he
Til a request from a guest came upon a chariot and spoke the language of poetry

The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all

She showed me everything while I couldn’t see the scene
I cling to preemptive ellipsis, patient for the sentences.
Building virtual bridges from her spirit to mine
While coasting through elements of time

The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all

Words echo through an open door of time and space… You’ll be fine
We’ll be fine, it’ll be fine and I chose to listen this time

The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all

See this fortunate situation is isolated from reality and built to last
Because the bullshit outside of us we’ve buoyantly passed
Protected from the poisonous gas
Sick twisted liquid hatred that’s unwarrantedly gifted
Doesn’t effect how we breathe
You inhale I and I you into me

The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all

Body languages glides across glass
I touch it to feel &
burst out and laugh
It’s real
capture me
lost between the doors that only these keys can open
Soft words delivered
Yet … unspoken

The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all

Words are power
Pep talk parenthesis
You are so
In to me
I complete those endless phrases
As the bubbles continue to amaze this and there’s no confusion there’s a straight line through this maze and on the outside of it is…

The essence of her floating iridescence.
I’m everywhere you are yet nowhere at all