Kent the Man

Kent the Man (part 1)

It bothers me illogically
that I was born to be
more than they provided me

For aeons I wrapped circles of intellectual energy around you pions
I’ve taken more intercepted ignorance back to the corner than Deion
My powers shine brighter than any color of neon,
But I’m dark and that’s something you can’t see beyond

So I’m conflicted emerge or be submerged
I can either Take shit or TAKE SHIT
stand or sit
Win or quit

To know what you know
But deny that it exist
Is equivalent to a gift and not being able to deliver it

…what a wasted purchase

Gifted yet denied
sheltered till I cried
abused to the point I’ve questioned God why?

See I didn’t ask for this…
Having to hide my identity because of the risk
But if I standout you black ball me you know place me on that list

Growing up abnormal but wanting to do what other kids did
Forgetting the strength of the talents I’ve hid
While rejecting I was super
I did my very best to just fit in
And they all loved Kent the Man…

To be continued…

Hope you guys catch the reference if not maybe the 2nd piece will help!