All sonnnets of this piece are replaced by tweets from the character “the dope chick” based off my series “The Story”

Please read the part 1 of “The Story” titled “Warriors Luck”
Then part 2 titles “The Note”

Starring- The Dope Chick and I guess you can say her twitter

Twittertry (Twitter +Poetry)

the_dope_chick “found a note in my bag 2day & I hope ur payin attn, I made my decision bcuz u didn’t listen ur lack of persistence =me missin

The_dope_chick “Ooooo niggas be trippin, he better get up out my mentions, his intentions is impossible cruise along from this mission”

The_dope_chick “i mean I ain’t tryin to be all in my feelings, but he makes me sick giving all the right symptoms, but he not the cool kid-
The_dope_chick “so he can keep wishing

The_dope_chick “this heart is unforgivin & willin or not willin my decision needs no fixing so 4 him happiness is forbidden& im unforgiven”

The_dope_chick “my laws & culture just isn’t torture it makes me a vulture& u are my prey and I’d pray 4 u but I lay with him so I ask Him-
The_dope_chick “to protect them…I sinned”

The_dope_chick “but maybe we can be friends no secrets visits can be frequent but I wont apologize if your heart gets weakened”

The_dope_chick “cuz I chose for now & now is all I have if I surpass my present 2 b broken dont forget bout me or laugh,say hello..all I ask

The_dope_chick “ur poetry is pleasin but ur not here for this season to fault me for non believin is an unfair reason accusing me w/treason

The_dope_chick “U r a hope filled beacon for a lost soul demon while my boat sinkin your arm’s reaching, but I go under with one last wave”

The_dope_chick “curtains closin I applaud @ur praise,4 u stood strong as a warrior u r brave but sorry @uncoolkid @The_dope_chick cant b saved